Yoga with Nicolle   in Sennen, St Just, St Buryan and West Cornwall

About Nicolle

Hello my name is Nicolle, I teach yoga in the far south west of Cornwall, UK.

I came across the yogic path whilst living in the outskirts of London. I had a typical busy life, with some unkindly habits. I had become unwell, taking different medications and was suffering. Eventually a stand-in doctor at my local surgery suggested I come off all medication, try alternative supplements and find a yoga teacher.

This advice came to change my life. Thank you doctor, whoever you are.

After a few years of practice I decided to delve deeper and started a 4 year yoga teacher training course with Ruth and John White. I am thankful to of had these teachers, as not only was this a strong Iyengar inspired asana practice (which is what I need then), but they also encouraged their students to engage with the meditation and philosophy.  I was introduced to the Ishaya monks,  and though I no longer meet with the Ishaya’s I am grateful for this gentle, kind introduction to meditation.

My spiritual curiosity was invoked, I was reading The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle, Patangalis Yoga Sutras (translated by MSI ishaya) and devouring books on Enlightenment and Yoga.

Yoga supported my move to Cornwall.  After a few years  I attended a retreat in Kerala, India, with Neville Cregan. I then attended many workshops and retreats with Nev, who is based in Totnes, Devon and I thank him greatly for not only his wonderful thai massages but more importantly his gentle flow yoga, which I now weave into my own classes.

In recent years I completed a Thai massage course with Emma Cayless, in Devon. I regularly attend breathwork classes with Anna De Vere, in Penzance. Plus further deep breathing workshops with Katie Trenere, here in West Penwith.

Through the power of online courses I play around with Natural Movement, Fascia Release, alongside strengthening, to meet the challenges of ageing, and support my journey with surfing in my 60’s.

My spiritual journey has led me to retreats both Adyashanti annd Mooji.  I now feel I have found a long term teacher in Unmani Hyde.

Yoga has changed my life, it’s shifted how I view the world, and it all started on the mat.  And although I sometimes feel like heading off in a different direction, I come back to yoga.

It’s all in that 1st Yoga Sutra, NOW the teaching of yoga (union).

I share this, not only for you to know my background, but to honour the guidance I have received with these wonderful teachers.

The ultimate teacher being life itself.



In classes Nicolle encourages people to explore and feel the postures, and to ask questions so that they may then start a regular home practice.

‘Nicolle has the amazing ability to hold a group of individuals with differing abilities yet leaving each individual feeling they have been supported to their personal limits’. C.H.


Nicolle by the sea

Nicolle by the sea




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